Ёрмунганд (2012)

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Jormungand написан и проиллюстрирован Кейтаро Такахаси. Выпускался Shogakukan в Monthly Sunday Gene-X,с 19 апреля 2006 г. по 19 января 2012 г. Собраны в одиннадцати томах танкобонах, выпущенных с 17 ноября 2006 г. по 19 апреля 2012 г.

В Северной Америке, в феврале 2009 года, Viz Media объявили о выпуске манги на английском языке. Одиннадцать томов выпускались с 10 ноября 2009 г. по 19 апреля 2012 г.

Список глав

Japanese: дата публикации Japanese: ISBN
1 17 ноября 2006 ISBN 978-4-09-157069-7
2 19 апреля 2007 ISBN 978-4-09-157089-5
3 19 октября 2007 ISBN 978-4-09-157109-0
4 18 апреля 2008 ISBN 978-4-09-157128-1
5 30 октября 200717 октября 2008(LE) ISBN 978-4-09-157150-2ISBN 978-4-09-159063-3 (LE)
6 17 апреля 2009 ISBN 978-4-09-157174-8
7 19 октября 2009 ISBN 978-4-09-157190-8
8 19 мая 2010 ISBN 978-4-09-157215-8
9 28 февраля 201116 февраля 2011(LE) ISBN 978-4-09-157258-5ISBN 978-4-09-941705-5 (LE)
10 19 декабря 2011 ISBN 978-4-09-157297-4
11 19 апреля 2012 ISBN 978-4-09-157305-6


В 10-м томе манги был анонсирован аниме-телесериал, созданный White Fox и Geneon Аниме начало выходить в эфир 10 апреля 2012 года на Tokyo MX, Television Kanagawa, TV Aichi и KBS и позже на Sun TV, BS11 и AT-X. Также транслировалось на Showtime, NicoNico, Bandai Channel and GyaO.Второй сезон сериала, под названием Jormungand: Perfect Order, транслировался с 9 октября 2012 года в 0:30 по 25 декабря 2012 года.

Первый выпуск Jormungand на DVD и Blu-ray состоялся 27 июня 2012 года, в него вошли первые два эпизода, «Gun Metal, Calico Road» и «Pulsar». Последующие выпуски сопровождались двумя эпизодами каждый на Blu-ray и DVD 25 июля, 29 августа и 26 сентября 2012 года. Первый выпуск DVD / Blu-ray The Perfect Order в Японии 21 декабря 2012 г. Версии первых двух сезонов сериала на DVD и Blu-ray были выпущены 18 февраля 2014 года. В английском дубляже показаны опасные виды животных.

Showgate занимается лицензированием Jormungand за пределами Японии. Предварительный показ аниме проходил с 31 марта по 1 апреля 2012 года на Anime Contents Expo в Makuhari Messe в Тибе.

Список серий

1 сезон
# Название Дата выхода
1 Gun Metal, Calico Road«Gan Metaru — Kayriko Rōdo» (ガンメタル ・ キャリコロ-ド)  10 апреля 2012
2 Pulsar«Parusā» (パルサー)  17 апреля 2012
3 Musica Ex Machina phase.1«Mujika Ekusu Makīna Fēzu 1» (ムジカ・エクス・マキーナ フェーズ 1)  24 апреля 2012
4 Musica Ex Machina phase.2«Mujika Ekusu Makīna Fēzu 2» (ムジカ・エクス・マキーナ フェーズ 2)  1 мая 2012
5 Vein«Jōmyaku» (静脈)  8 мая 2012
6 African Golden Butterflies phase.1«Afurikan Gōruden Batafuraizu Fēzu 1» (アフリカン・ゴールデン・バタフライズ フェーズ 1)  15 мая 2012
7 African Golden Butterflies phase.2«Afurikan Gōruden Batafuraizu Fēzu 2» (アフリカン・ゴールデン・バタフライズ フェーズ 2)  22 мая 2012
8 Mondo Grosso«Mondo Gurosso» (モンド・グロッソ)  29 мая 2012
9 Dragon Shooter phase.1«Doragon Shūtā Fēzu 1» (ドラゴン・シューター フェーズ 1)  5 июня 2012
10 Dragon Shooter phase.2«Doragon Shūtā Fēzu 2» (ドラゴン・シューター フェーズ 2)  12 июня 2012
11 Hill of Destruction phase.1«Horobi no Oka Fēzu 1» (滅びの丘 フェーズ 1)  19 июня 2012
12 Hill of Destruction phase.2«Horobi no Oka Fēzu 2» (滅びの丘 フェーズ 2)  26 июня 2012
2 сезон
# # Название Дата выхода
13 1 The Snake that Admires the Heavens«Ten o Aogu Hebi» (天を仰ぐ蛇)  9 октября 2012
14 2 Dance with Undershaft phase.1«Andāshafuto to Dansu Fēzu 1» (アンダーシャフト・とダンス フェーズ 1)  16 октября 2012
15 3 Dance with Undershaft phase.2«Andāshafuto to Dansu Fēzu 2» (アンダーシャフト・とダンス フェーズ 2)  23 октября 2012
16 4 Kasper and Jonah«Kyasupā to Yona» (キャスパーとヨナ)  30 октября 2012
17 5 Castle of Lies phase.1«Uso no Shiro Fēzu 1» (嘘の城 フェーズ 1)  6 ноября 2012
18 6 Castle of Lies phase.2«Uso no Shiro Fēzu 2» (嘘の城 フェーズ 2)  13 ноября 2012
19 7 Pazuzu(パズズ)  20 ноября 2012
20 8 NEW WORLD phase.1«Nyū Wārudo Fēzu 1» (ニュー・ワールド フェーズ 1)  27 ноября 2012
21 9 NEW WORLD phase.2«Nyū Wārudo Fēzu 2» (ニュー・ワールド フェーズ 2)  4 декабря 2012
22 10 NEW WORLD phase.3«Nyū Wārudo Fēzu 3» (ニュー・ワールド フェーズ 3)  11 декабря 2012
23 11 Warmonger«Wōmongā» (ウォーモンガー)  18 декабря 2012
24 12 Century of Shame«Haji no Seiki» (恥の世紀)  25 декабря 2012
1 сезон

Оба сингла были выпущены звукозаписывающей компанией Geneon Universal Entertainment.

  • Открывающая тема: Borderland исполняла: Мами Кавада (30.04.2012).
  • Закрывающая тема: Ambivalentidea исполняла: Наги Янаги (06.06.2012).
2 сезон
  • Открывающая тема: UNDER/SHAFT исполняла: Маон Куросаки .
  • Закрывающая тема: Laterality (ラテラリティ) исполняла: Наги Янаги.

Драма CD

6 частей радиопостановки были выпущена до аниме, основанного на сюжетной арке Оркестра. Из всех актеров озвучивания, задействованных в компакт-диске, только Унсё Иcизука повторил свою роль Лема.

Радиопередача, посвященная Jormungand с участием Сидзука Ито и Муцуми Тамура в качестве ведущих.


Fire Hare Arc

In the anime Ugo was shown during the opening sequence with the rest of the squad and Minami Amada watching a Hek-GG rocket launch from a naval platform. He was shown but not named when Koko introduced Jonah as the newest member of the squad.

Gunmetal, Calico Road Arc

Koko signals Ugo that they can hunt in Episode 1.

A few days later, Ugo drove the CR-V carrying Lehm, Lutz, and Mao when all four of them were assigned to support Koko during her negotiations with C. K. Kloshkin. When Koko signaled them to hunt, Ugo relayed this information to his passengers, who were excited by the news. He and Mao handled one of the sniper teams while Lutz and Lehm took care of the second one. In the anime he, along with everyone else was sickened by Jonah’s scrambled eggs.

Pulsar Arc

During the delivery of several SAMs to a certain Eastern European country bordering Russia, Ugo drove one of the large tractor-trailers. After the border guards’ APC which tried to stop them was suddenly destroyed by an anti-tank missile, he managed to swerve and avoid the wreck as the entire convoy halted.

Musica Ex Machina Arc

Ugo struggles to maintain control of the CR-V as it is hit by the M2 in Episode 4.

After Orchestra attacked Koko and Valmet, Ugo brought the CR-V carrying Tojo, R, and Mao to where Lehm and Valmet were. After Tojo and Valmet switched places, he headed to the waterfront, where they found Koko fleeing with Jonah. He kept the CR-V between them as a shield against Shisho’s fire, but when Chinatsu brought their truck around again to fire the M2 Browning the CR-V was hammered. Ugo was forced to deliberately crash it into a pillar along the waterfront to bring it to a halt, after which he and the others escaped on foot. After the squad was confined to their hotel by the Dubai Police Force, Tojo and Ugo were patrolling on the third night when Chinatsu made her second attempt to assassinate Koko.

Vein Arc

After Kasper Hekmatyar rendezvoused at sea with the Atlas to transfer a shipment of VL MICAs, his bodyguards took their turn at test firing an XM8 that Lutz and R had earlier used to shoot at a towed target. Seeing their cockiness, Ugo grabbed it and fired it one-handed while eating to show them up.


Chinatsu vows revenge on Koko’s Squad for killing Shisho in Episode 4.

The relationship between Chinatsu and Shisho was hinted at in the manga following his death which completely unnerved her. She berated him for ruining up her life and leaving her while in tears and vowed revenge on Koko’s Squad. The relationship was given more complexity in the anime, in which Shisho was shown as having killed Chinatsu’s parents, but was impressed after she had shot him and decided to spare her although he could easily have killed her. He took Chinatsu under his wing and trained her to become a first-rate assassin, growing to implicitly trust her judgment, and the two made a formidable combination.

Chinatsu accepted this dramatic change in her circumstances and eventually, Shisho’s attention and welfare became very important to her. Although she saw his death coming, she was so unhinged by it that she was left herself completely open and even wandered into Lutz’s line of fire, although he could not bring himself to shoot when he saw that she was a young woman. Her reactions and words immediately following his death suggest that she had developed a psychological dependence on him while paradoxically still harbouring a deep resentment for killing her parents and messing up her life. However after escaping Koko’s Squad, Chinatsu then focused on getting revenge by trying to finish Orchestra’s original mission of assassinating Koko. Despite Koko’s offer to join the squad, Chinatsu admitted that she could never forgive her for killing Shisho and would target her again within three days.

О змее

Известные скандинавские источники, где есть информация об этом магическом змее, – средневековые произведения: «Младшая Эдда», «Хусдрапа», «Хюмисквида» и «Прорицание Вёльвы» из «Старшей Эдды».

По Младшей Эдде, то Один не обрадовался потомству Локи, поэтому всех детей он изъял. Ёрмунганду не повезло, так как его Один выбросил в океан. Однако с сыном Локи ничего не случилось, он выжил и вырос до невероятных размеров, обогнул всю сушу и схватил себя за кончик хвоста. Благодаря этому его прозвали «мировой змей», или «змей Мидгарда».

Йормунганд – уроборос — сворачивающийся в кольцо и хватающий себя за хвост змей. Это один из известных человечеству древних символов. Когда и в какой части мира изначально появился такой знак, нет сведений. Хватающая себя за хвост свернутая змея стала одним из важных алхимических символов.


Koko being affectionate with a reluctant Jonah in Episode 20.

  • Koko has a unique relationship with Jonah that is unlike that with any of her other squad members. She generally bestows on him physical affection when they are together, although he does not reciprocate as he believes that this interferes with his ability to protect her. Koko has also kissed Jonah twice, the first time after he saved her from being shot by Shisho, when she kissed him on the cheek while they were being shot, and later full on the lips after joining him uninvited while he was bathing. She had earlier invited him to bathe together while they were on the Atlas but he turned her down, dismissing the idea as childish. She even says to Jonah “You’re the only one I love”.
  • R came to the conclusion that Jonah’s true purpose is to act as a shackle on Koko’s sanity as she fears turning into a monster as a result of her actions. Although aware of his hatred of weapons and arms dealers when she had Kasper recruit him, Koko respected Jonah’s views and worked to change his perspective, although she did not attempt to impose on him.
  • Despite her age and personality, which has earned her the nickname of «Princess», her squad is extremely loyal to Koko and will follow her orders without question, implicitly trusting her judgment. Lehm, who has been with her the longest, typically serves as a voice of reason and is unafraid to voice concerns or objections that he has to Koko’s ideas. Valmet is in love with her and Koko considers her a special person, but has deliberately ignored Valmet’s open displays of affection. However she has taken advantage of Valmet’s feelings for her to fondle her breasts on two occasions.
  • Although she gets along with her older brother Kasper, Koko was aware of the initial hostility with which he was regarded by Jonah and was furious with Kasper with how he and Chiquita treated Jonah when they encountered him on the Atlas. Nonetheless because of their family ties they will support each other when asked. Koko however did not inform Kasper about Jormungand until the second quantum computer was launched and disagreed with his attitude that weapons would never be truly eliminated from the world when it was activated. She has a strained relationship with her father, Floyd Hekmatyar, which may stem from being involved in the arms trade from a young age, and did not tell him about Jormungand.
  • Amalia Torohovsky, who was initially an opponent of Koko’s, proposed mutual cooperation after conceding defeat and since then the two have worked on a few deals together. Amalia generally treats her like a younger sister, calling her «Koko-chan». Koko does not see Amalia in the same light but maintains a friendly relationship with her as it is more convenient and easier for both of them to be friends rather than adversaries.
  • Although she was targeted by Orchestra, Koko developed a measure of respect for Chinatsu and offered her a position in the squad. After the former swiftly rejected this proposal over her burning desire to avenge Shisho, she tried to shoot Koko with a pistol she had concealed but was shot twice by Lehm. Koko caught her when she fell to her knees, and after she had died, gently laid her down, placed her hand over Shisho’s crucifix, and closed her eyes.


African Golden Butterflies Arc

Karen and Chan meeting with Scarecrow in Episode 6.

Chan and Karen met with Scarecrow in the Abu Dhabi International Airport. He responded to the CIA agent’s bluster in a calm manner, suggesting that Scarecrow was joking when he alleged that Tashinhai was involved in the arms trade. When Scarecrow had to step out to take a call from an informant about Koko Hekmatyar, Karen took advantage of his absence by beating up the PMC guard Scarecrow had brought as backup. Cha calmly lit a cigar and told her to stop before she killed the man or they would have some explaining to do. He then pointed out that she had blood on her face before they both left the room. On the way out, he emphasised to Karen that her mission to capture Minami Amada had to succeed. The two were then shown en route to South Africa.

At DIESA, Koko met Chan after Curry and the other arms dealers nearby suddenly scattered. Chan asked to meet her over dinner, claiming that his disability prevented him from talking to her at length while standing. Koko quickly accepted and her reaction amused Chan. In the anime, he then told Lee to make sure that Karen and her men got to Minami before Koko’s Squad did. That night he hosted Koko at a Chinese restaurant in Port Elizabeth and led the resulting conversation. Unknown to either of them the VIP room they were dining in was bugged and being listened in on by Scarecrow and Schokolade. After he and Koko began drinking wine Chan started to maneuver steer the conversation in the direction he wanted, mentioning that he would like to have dinner with Kasper sometime. He was not amused when Koko countered that her brother’s idea of fine dining was fast food, but continued that he found her different from Kasper and suggested that they collaborate. When Koko refused, Chan suggested that he could help her break any prior commitments.

В массовой культуре

Ёрмунганд упоминается в компьютерной игре Tomb Raider: Underworld. Там легенда о Мидгардском змее трактуется так:

Также Ёрмунганд упоминается в компьютерной игре StarCraft. Его именем названа одна из стай Зергов.

Присутствует в компьютерной игре God of War (2018) и упоминается как «Мировой Змей», а также называется добрым великаном. В сюжете игры появляется из воды, когда Кратос и Атрей пересекают озеро.

Также Ёрмунганд является одним из объектов SCP.

Ёрмунганд (aнгл. Jormungand) — название одноимённой манги и аниме, а также название некого проекта, вокруг которого крутится сюжет.

Ёрмунганд — во вселенной Warhammer 40000 — один из Флотов-Ульев тиранид.

Midgardsormr — один из монстров в серии Final Fantasy. В седьмой игре серии в английской локализации его назвали Midgard Zolom.

Йормунганд ( Русская локализация ) упоминается в игре For Honor. Ему поклоняются культисты ( Йормунганды ), которые готовятся к Рагнарёку.

В соревновательном шутере Counter-Strike: Global Offensive в коллекции «Север» (англ. The Norse Collection), посвящённой скандинавской мифологии, присутствуют скины для следующих оружий: AUG | Пламенный Ёрмунганд, P90 | Астральный Ёрмунганд и Desert Eagle | Изумрудный Ёрмунганд.

Ему посвящена песня Powersnake шведской хэви-пауэр-метал группы Brothers of Metal, из альбома Emblas Saga, также Ёрмунганд изображен на обложке альбома.

В игре Smite является игровым персонажем.

Ёрмунганд появляется во 2 сезоне сериала Рагнарёк. У Лорица разболелся живот, его повели в больницу и в ходу узи определили наличие ленточного червя. После извлечения им оказался Ёрмунганд, которого он отпускает в воду, чтобы он выполнил свою судьбу.

Компания Daxinghai

Официально Daxinghai Company ( 大 星海 公司 ) является компанией, зарегистрированной в Гонконге, которая занимается доставкой и торговлей запчастями для машин и природными ресурсами. На самом деле компания является для Китая прикрытием для разработки нефтегазовых ресурсов в странах третьего мира, а также для обработки незаконной торговли оружием и предоставления ценных бумаг. Все сотрудники службы безопасности были официально уволены из Народно-освободительной армии, прежде чем «присоединились» к компании в качестве подрядчиков по гражданской службе безопасности.

Чэнь Гоминь ( 陳国明 , Chen Guoming )
Озвучивает: Такая Хаши (японец); Джерри Рассел (английский)
Голова Даксинхай, которого всегда видели с тростью. Под его вежливым и воспитанным видом скрывается безжалостный человек, готовый на все в интересах Китая. Имеет звание генерал-майора НОАК. Он является целью мести Валмет, поскольку ее подразделение было убито Ченом и его людьми во время миротворческой миссии ООН. В конце концов, Валмет мстит и убивает его, найдя главную штаб-квартиру Даксинхай в северной Африке.
Карен Ло ( カ レ ン ・ ロ ウ , Карен R )
Озвучивает: Саори Като (японский); Шелли Кален-Блэк (английский)
Бывший лейтенант Народно-освободительной армии . Официально она секретарь Чана, но на самом деле она служит его телохранителем, а также командиром его солдат. Она пытается отомстить за Чана после его смерти, но получает травму от Ионы. Бездомная в Южной Африке, позже она была нанята Минами Амадой и стала ее помощницей.


Koko with her squad shortly after Mao was recruited in a flashback in Episode 9.

Koko’s background is largely filled in during the course of the series through flashbacks by other characters. Both she and Kasper were born at sea due to the nature of their father’s work and they thus lack any sense of patriotism to a specific country. They were both exposed since a young age to the business of HCLI and have multiple passports and are used to traveling and working internationally. Koko began working in the business since she was at least a teenager and Lehm, Wiley, and Chiquita were the first three members of her bodyguard team. After Chiquita had left, Koko recruited Valmet after she had returned home to Finland and offered her two choices: a domestic life or the key to the world. As her military career was over, Valmet opted for the latter.

Mao was the next person recruited for the squad after he had been discharged from the army following a training accident. After he joined, Koko learned that he had kept the truth of what he was doing secret from his children. She accepted this, but advised him to make sure that being kind would not undo him and to be proud of his comrades.

Koko tells Jonah that she will melt his heart of ice in Episode 5.

While dealing with Ugo’s mafia organisation, which tried to pay her with drugs, she had Mao and Valmet wiped them out but spare Ugo, because he had reacted by looking away in disgust. When she afterwards tried to probe why he had done this, he refused to disclose why. Nonetheless she offered him a job as her driver.

After Kasper encountered Jonah, Koko learned about the young child soldier and had him recruit Jonah for her. She later met him in person on the street in a certain Eastern European country and vowed to melt his heart of ice after seeing his expression.


Chan in a flashback in Episode 11.

Before heading Tashinhai, Chan was a major general in the People’s Liberation Army. His subordinates such as Karen Low still called him by his prior rank, Shao Jiang (少将 Shàojiàng?) meaning Major General. He previously operated in mainland Asia before relocating to Africa. While here he single-handedly wiped out Valmet’s UNFID platoon using his trademark fighting style, taking her right eye in the process. Valmet was the sole survivor and escaped by hiding under the corpses, eluding Chan, who searched for her until the last minute before reinforcements arrived. His failure to find Valmet and kill her off stayed with him as he had not killed her. In 2001 he stepped on a landmine and was crippled in the right leg, prematurely aging. He was stationed in Tajikistan before being posted to Africa, after which his movements became more obscure.


Musica Ex Machina Arc

Orchestra carried out a mission in the desert of the United Arab Emirates near Dubai, which also involved targeting a runaway mafioso. After wiping out his men, they injured him but kept him alive. Chinatsu rigged a pistol with a timer that would empty its magazine into the man’s knee, giving him a prolonged death and making an example out of him. While she was setting this up the mafioso noticed that her eyes marked her as insane. He also noticed her lack of underwear, interpreting this as a perversion. After Chinatsu set the timer and they left, Shisho suggested that they head to Dubai to take on their next assignment. He then asked Chinatsu where her panties were, but she answered that it was a secret. She offered to expose herself to him, but Shisho flatly turned her down.

Koko confronts Chinatsu in Episode 3.

After the two arrived in Dubai, Shisho began speaking to Chinatsu in Italian about the field of vision that one could cover while walking, telling her to take her hat off as it impeded this. However, she quietly vowed to herself that she would not, as he had given to her. She then spotted Jonah sitting on the sidewalk and thinking him cute, tried to point him out to Shisho, but when she did so, he was gone. The two eventually caught up with Koko and Valmet while they were looking at an expensive watch in a store window. After Valmet went inside to buy it, Chinatsu confronted Koko and grabbed her wrist, asking her why she sold weapons even though she knew that it would one day kill her. Koko surprised Chinatsu by directly confronting her and yelling that she would not reveal this until Orchestra proved that they could kill her. Chinatsu was forced to break free from Koko’s grip and maneuvered her so that Shisho could shoot her. However, Jonah then leaped from the roof and landed on the umbrella over the table that Shisho was sitting at, forcing the umbrella down and causing Shisho to miss.

Chinatsu deflects Shisho’s aim in Episode 3.

He had Chinatsu keep Valmet pinned down when she emerged. As she did so, she wondered if Jonah was the boy she had seen earlier and was protecting Koko, who she realised she disliked. Shisho then told her that she knew what she was thinking as he continued to fire at Koko and Jonah. When they were able to move, Chinatsu recognised Jonah and her hatred of Koko grew. She then retrieved her Chinatsu Cannon Special and was about to use it on them but the arrival of the Dubai Police Force caused her to turn it on them and fire all of her grenades. She then gleefully pointed out to Shisho that the wrecked police car was upended. Valmet then tried to join Koko and Jonah, drawing Orchestra’s fire. Chinatsu then picked up a ballistic shield that had been dropped by the police and covered Shisho when Jonah fired his MP5K at them to cover Valmet. When he charged them, Shisho had the opportunity to kill him when he got closer but at that moment Lehm snagged him with a rope to trip him up and Chinatsu deflected Shisho’s aim, claiming that Jonah was too cute to kill. Lehm was able to drag Jonah away unmolested. After Shisho took out a police sniper team that had positioned themselves overlooking the square, she agreed with his taunt that a long range sniper rifle would be needed to take them out.

Mondo Grosso Arc

Chinatsu later appeared in a flashback when Lutz, then on a training exercise in East Sussex, England, questioned his inability to shoot her at the time because of her age and gender.


Koko rolls on a table to express her frustration at the gravity of the situation in Episode 1.

Koko remains a largely enigmatic character, rarely revealing her true state of mind. She normally appears quite cheery and happy and sometimes acts immature when around her subordinates, having a tendency to throw fits when frustrated or angered. However, she is able to rebound quickly and rarely allows herself to remain stuck. Even when in dangerous situations, she is able to keep a clear head and actually smiles when she is in danger. Previously, she was unable to keep her composure when in danger, but made a promise to Echo to do so after he was mortally wounded while protecting her from Hex and her unit. She has since largely masked her true feelings. Koko can be crazed, ruthless and determined, making her a very dangerous opponent as she will not hesitate to use various means, including deadly force, to reach her ends. However, a single action or statement by her opponent can motivate her to display mercy towards them depending on the circumstances, and she has occasionally been willing to spare them. Koko is unafraid of weapons because she is in the business of selling them and believes that one should not fear one’s merchandise. She has a fatalistic attitude towards her own death, feeling that unless it is her time to go, then she will escaped the situation unscathed. Koko is also very charismatic, a trait that she exhibited early when she impressed four older veteran soldiers (Lehm, Wiley, Echo and Valmet) to leave the military and join her.

For her business dealings, Koko only accepts payment in the form of cash, although she once made an exception by accepting diamonds. She refuses to take any credit and has met attempts to pay her with drugs by having her squad immediately kill the payees. Because of the circumstances of Echo’s death, Koko has trouble sleeping during the full moon as it reminds her of the incident. Early on it was suggested that she tends to sleepwalk, but this was only shown once, at the start of the series.


A close up of Valmet’s tattoo in Episode 11.

Valmet is a fairly tall, youthful-looking woman with pale skin, dark hair, and fair narrow eyes. In the anime, she has black hair and light yellow eyes. Her hair is hime-style and was initially shoulder length until she cut it to chin length, since allowing it to grow out. She wears a white eye patch over her missing right eye. On her left shoulder blade is a black tattoo of a winged fist gripping a knife with a Christian cross in the centre of the wings from her time in the Finnish military. Slender in frame with a slim waist, flared hips, taut buttocks, and broad shoulders, she also sports a well-toned and lightly muscular build. At the same time, she is considered very attractive with a curvaceous and developed figure with well-endowed breasts.

Valmet as a member of the FRDF in a flashback in Episode 11.

Valmet is normally seen wearing various standard equipment and uniforms when Koko’s Squad has been outfitted with them in addition to various civilian attire, including a black suit and tie when on business. When she was in the FRDF her hair was cut short and she wore either the standard Finnish M/91 fatigues or the M/01 hot weather suit. When she first met Koko Hekmatyar she wore her semi-formal uniform.


Lehm and Chiquita with Floyd Hekmatyar in the background in Episode 9.

It was revealed by Mao that Chiquita and her ex-husband Lehm have had a turbulent relationship, having married and divorced each other repeatedly. After going their separate ways, they now share a stable professional relationship. She is the most trusted of Kasper Hekmatyar’s bodyguard detail and acts as his right hand, usually staying close to him. The other three bodyguards defer to her after Kasper. Kasper also tends to talk to Chiquita the most out of the four and she has more leeway in how they interact. She has a good relationship with Valmet stemming from when they both worked for Koko. Chiquita gave Jonah the nickname of «Mishka» («bear cub») after learning about his rebellion at the base and became quite attached to him, and was even openly affectionate with him after they worked alongside each other for two years. She was surprised when Jonah asked to be released from service and was upset with Kasper, punching and even kicking the back of his seat after he agreed to let Jonah go, although she accepted his decision.


Dance With Undershaft Arc

Hex seducing Spin in Episode 13.

Koko learned from Dominique that Hex was the one who had contracted his crew to assassinate her. She discussed the different types of CIA officer with Jonah, revealing that a Paramilitary Operations Officer was likely the one who had been targeting her. Hex later visited Budapest where she met with Spin, one of George’s informants. Despite his initial reluctance to discuss Operation Undershaft, he began talking when Hex started to seduce him, licking his chin and taking her shirt off. However her reaction when she learned that Koko was the target of the operation and decision to go after her regardless turned Spin off and he kicked her out, although Hex was disappointed that they did not finish. She returned to the black site where she continued her interrogations and planned a way to hit back at Koko without killing her, deciding to target Jonah.

Hex then recruited a team of former American soldiers and PMCs, which was dubbed Cutthroat and included her two bodyguards, for a total of ten. For their initiation, she and Cutthroat personally executed 11 terror suspects and the ten fired their pistols in the air on command after Hex commenced her operation. They traveled to the Czech Republic, where Hex landed at Čáslav Air Base and procured 90,000 rounds of ammunition. With George’s help, Hex arranged for Koko to meet with Lieutenant Colonel Simunek of the Czech Air Force to lure her to a market a few kilometers from her hotel. After Jonah was spotted she launched her operation, warning her men that he could not be taken lightly despite his young age.

Hex and R fire at each other in Episode 15.

Shortly afterwards the Czech Police, who had been contacted by George approached Hex in her car. Cutthroat’s attempt to tranquilize and abduct Jonah then went awry when he realised what had happen and managed to shoot Botz. When the police and Hex heard the gunfire she and her men gunned them down at the same time that R arrived on the scene. As a firefight then broke out, Hex deployed her men to cut off Koko and Jonah. She confirmed that R was with them and directed her two sniper teams to take him out as George called her, ordering her to cease her operation immediately. However she flatly refused, citing the possibility of Koko turning into a monster and ruining Operation Undershaft. George however refused to back down and retorted that attacking Koko equated attacking him, surprising Hex. Sniper A drew a bead on R and ]asked Hex for authorization to take the shot but she was unable to answer as she was in shock from learning George’s revised position. As Koko was able to get away, Hex yelled for R and they confronted each other, firing at the same time. Although Hex was hit in the right eye, R was killed. The rest of Koko’s Squad appeared on the scene and quickly took out both her sniper teams and Hex realised that George had turned on her despite her warning. As the rest of the squad closed in she was jolted out of her stupor and with only two members of Cutthroat left, retreated. However Koko confirmed with HCLI headquarters that they were tracking Hex.

Hex about to commit suicide as the bombs near her in Episode 15.

Hex went to ground in Iraq with her men but Koko knew where she was and sent a B-52 against her which she heard after her companions returned to their cave with food. As B-52 began its bombing run Hex drew her pistol to shoot herself just before the bombs hit her position, calmly accepting this turn of events and vowing to meet Koko again in hell. The bombing was observed by Lehm, Wiley, and Lutz, and Lehm reported Hex’s death to Koko, who was at that moment visiting R’s grave in Italy. George also paid a visit to the grave at the same time but it was not until after he had met with Koko and left that he received the news from the CIA that Hex had been killed in Iraq. He observed that he had now figuratively lost both of his arms before having a conversation in his mind with both R and Hex, vowing to prove them both wrong about Koko.

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