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Bogdana Pratsyuk




PRATSYUK Bogdana was born on February the 6th, 1973, in Kyiv. She spent her childhood on the South of Ukraine (the town of Nova Kakhovka), were she finished the Musical school, the class of piano. Since childhood Bogdana studied composition under the guidance of her mother, L. B. Pratsyuk. Further education was obtained in Kyiv. In 1992 Bogdana graduated from theoretical department of the R.Gliyer Kyiv State Higher Music College (among her teachers were: V. Podvala - composition, harmony, polyphony, instrumentation; V. Volchenkova – solfeggio, harmony; I. Chebanenko – piano; Z. Shuranova – musical literature). In 1997 B. Pratsiuk finished the composition department of P. Chaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (among her teachers were: L. Kolodub - composition, orchestration; N. Goriukhina – analysis of musical compositions; N. Herasymova-Persyds’ka, I. Piaskovskiy – polyphony; N. Mahometbekova – piano). In 1997-2000 she had an in-depth training under the supervision of L. Kolodub. In 2000 she started working on Ph. D. thesis on the topic “The Use of Bells in Modern Musik” under the supervision of N. Herasymova-Persyds’ka. She took part in the conferences, speaking on the topics “The Use of Bells in the Modern Musik”, “The Time and the Bell”, “The Use of Bells in the Works of L. Kolodub” (Kyiv). Together with her husband, Stanislav Zelinsky, a specialist in Znamenniy chant (mediaeval Church Slavonic chant), she studied profoundly the piano compositions of S. Rachmaninov, which resulted in a paper on “The Use of Bells in the Music of S. Rakhmaninov” (Kharkiv, 2009).

Since the end of 80-th B. Pratsyuk has been taking part in the Orthodox divine service, since 90-th she has been singing in the church choir, composing the liturgical chants, ringing on the belfry and gradually became a precentor. She has been ringing on the belfries of the “Afghan” Ressurection temple, Sts. Florus and Laurus Convent of the Ascension, St. Jonah Monastery, St. Cyrill church, Kyivan Lavra monastery (temple of the Nativity of Theotokos and the Great belfry), and of Nova Kakhovka cathedral. Now she serves as a precentor in St. Luce of Crimea hospital church in Kyiv.

In 1992 B. Pratsyuk won the second prize on M. Lysenko International festival for her vocal cycle on the poetry of O. Bdzhilka, and in 1995 she became a laureate of the International contest of the student composers “Gradus ad Parnassum” having won the third prize for her Piano sonata #1.

Since 2001 she has been on the jury of International contest of young musicians “Vivat, musica!” in Nova Kakhovka.

Since 1999 B. Pratsyuk is a member of National Union of Composers. She is a lecturer of composition chair in P. Chaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine. The compositions of Bogdana Pratsyuk have been executed in the concert halls of Kiev, Nova Kakhovka, Katovice, Warshawa (Poland). The spiritual compositions were used in the services of St. Florus and Laurus monastery, Kytaevo monastery, “Afghan” Ressurection church, St. Luce of Crimea hospital church (Kyiv).

In the spring of 2008 the Paschal Hirmuses were executed on the Easter festival in Moscow and the Hohol-fest in Kyiv by the chamber choir «Credo» conducted by Bogdan Plish. In the spring of 2009 the Paschal Hirmuses, the «All you who have been baptized into Christ» and the Paschal Prokeimenon were executed by the same choir on the Festival of spiritual music in Theofania monastery (Kyiv, Ukraine) and august 2009 in Warshawa (Poland). Bogdana Pratsyuk is an author of compositions in the wide range of genres: chamber opera “the Antique circle” (on Sophocles’ tragedies), two symphonies, Symphoniette, Concert for violin and a great symphonic orchestra, two concerts for piano and a string orchestra, Concert for clarinet, string quintet and a piano, two piano sonatas, choral compositions Paschal Hirmuses, the «All you who have been baptized into Christ» and the Paschal Prokeimenon, an arrangement of a Kyivan chant "Let my prayer be set forth", cycles “Three poems of Osip Mandelshtam” for soprano, string orchestra and a piano, “Three songs for a Fair Lady” on Italian and French texts for soprano, flute, guitar and percussion, “Three songs of Charles of Orleans” for soprano, flute and bassoon, “Three French folksongs” for soprano, flute and piano, music for an animation “Weekend”, piano and vocal pieces for children.


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