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Anton Fedorov




 Anton V. Fedorov was born on November 8th, 1974, Moscow. He has two higher degrees-on Applied Mathematics(Moscow Institute of Radio Electronics and Automation,1996) and on Academic Chorus Conducting ( Moscow University of Culture and Arts,2006).

He started singing in chorus and composing mostly for chorus in 1995 under the tuition of Vitaly N. Lustrov, a Moscow Conservatoire graduate and member of Russian Composers`Union.

From 2002 Anton Fedorov is the Chief Choir Master of the Academic Big Choir of Mendeleyev Russian State University of Chemical Technology. In 2008 he won the prize of "Chorus Inside" International Choir Festival in nomination "Composing for Chorus"

Spiritual music plays a big part in Anton Fedorov`s works It is being often performed both in church services and in concert halls. Church compositions are greatly attracted by music written according to Russian Choir School traditions, with its part-writing comfortable for all voices and easy to perform . Among such works are the Lord With Us(usually performed during Christmas Liturgy), The Only-Begotten, Trisagion, It`s Truly Meet, O Come the Bride of Lebanon , and the renewed version of the prokeimenon Crowns Art On Their Heads, which often can be heard in many Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian chapels and cathedrals.

At the same time, many works by Anton Fedorov steadily consist the permanent concert repertoire of several choruses, ensembles and solo singers, and first of all is The Lord`s Prayer

for soprano and mixed chorus , which is often being the opening of a concert party. The best performers to be mentioned are Maria Gulegina, Yulia Zamyatina, Irina Sakne and Olga Kulicheva. But the Mendeleyev University Chorus often invites solo tenors to sing it, and Nikolai Dorozhkin and Denis Zamorsky were a great success to perform this work. Very unexpectedly interesting was the version of Dilyan Kushev, a Bulgarian bass, recorded in 2010.

Some spiritual works by Anton Fedorov are nevertheless intended rather for concert singing than for church services. This is related, for instance, to the Praise the Lord, Oh My Soul and In Thy Kingdom from the Divine Liturgy, with their sophisticated and thoroughly regulated keynote plan, the polyphonic development of the main themes. The compositions are partly not so easy by rhythm and intonation but at the same time they help to create a perfect prayerful atmosphere of the Orthodox worship service.

Special attention should be paid to the choral treatments of the Russian Znamenny Chants, such as Megalynarion Replacements for Christmas (Glorify Thee+To Love) and Easter (Angel Proclaiming) liturgies, made with the behaviour most careful to the genuine texts, but running the gamut of opportunities of mixed chorus singing. These treatments are made in two versions - one for the mixed choir only and another for choir and solo, which allows include both into the concert repertoire of academic choruses.

What is worth to be particularly mentioned, is the full version of Wedding Service. It was published as a whole book containing the full text of the service with all the choral works, which helps the church precentors use solely this book during the service. Many church precentors have already seen the value of such book. It contains both the treatments of traditional chants(Glory To Thee, Our Lord and Crowns Art on Their Heads) and genuine works by Anton Fedorov such as O Come the Bride of Lebanon, also troparions The Isaiah`s Dance and The Holy Martyrs, Glory To Thee Christ , the Lord of Us

Apart from spiritual compositions, Anton Fedorov has a number of laic choral works on the texts of Russian poets (among them the popular cycle Songs of Autumn) and many choral treatments of Russian folk songs and choral adaptations of Russian and Western popular musical works.

In addition to his composing and choir mastering, Anton Fedorov is known as a writer and author of some stories and a musical-fiction novel The Big Wheel Of Forsaken Park (2004 with Boris Tarakanov).

Nowadays Anton Fedorov lives in Moscow.

Personal page: http://corositore.choral-union.ru/fa/


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